My Favorite Books

These are my 3 Favorite Books. I love to have my mom and dad read them to me.

My First Tooth!

Can you see it? It broke the skin 2 days ago! It feels very strange in my mouth. I keep twisting my tongue and pushing against it. I guess I will get used to it. My mom took this picture while I was riding on my dad's shoulders. I love to do that- and I always smile really big. She knew it would be a good opportunity to get a photo of my new tooth to show everyone.

The Fascinating Fountain

One of my favorite things to do is crawl as fast as I can from
the living room over to the front door and stand up to look out the front window and see the water fountain. I get faster and faster everyday! I like to do it first thing in the morning while my mom is having coffee and still waking up- that way she can't catch me as fast.

No Teeth Yet!

Winding Down for Bedtime

Winding down for bedtime... my mom tries to put on my pajamas and I escape! Time is running out. I know its a matter of minutes before she turns out the lights and starts rocking me. I have so much energy I don't know what to do first! I have to get busy doing all my new tricks and stunts because I know the day is almost over. Before you know it- its lullaby music and lights out. I got some extra time tonight because my mom went to get the video camera.
Normally, when I fall down I cry - but not tonight! I knew my mom was filming for my Grandmas and Grandpas so I tried to not let it get to me. I was back up on my feet and didn't miss a beat. No time for crying when you are trying to show off.


My Mom and Dad bought me some whole wheat organic blueberry pancakes! I love them. They are soft, and easy to chew. My doctor said that I could have Big People Food now that I am a Big Girl. I have been getting to eat them a lot! They are my favorite thing to eat right now. My favorite used to be Peas, and then I liked Pears, but now its Pancakes!! I am really good at chewing them. Sometimes I get too much stored up in my fat cheeks and my mom has to help me, but most of the time I do just fine. I am getting better at my hand coordination! My hair looks a little wild in these pictures because I just got out of my bath. I really wasn't ready for my video shoot.

Big Girl Car Seat

Today my new carseat was delivered by the FED-Ex man!
My mom took it out of the box and let me try it out immediately!
I look like I am ready to blast off to the moon...I think I will be
able to take some SERIOUS naps in this new carseat. I can't wait for my
first ride!

I Did It!!

Today my mom wheeled my Pack-N-Play into her office area. She said that I could play while she did some work. I have been practicing and when mommy wasn't looking I stood up all by myself! You should have seen her face when she turned around and saw me standing by myself. She laughed and I laughed and then she started taking pictures again...

Feeding the Ducks

This weekend my Mom and Dad took me on a walk in our neighborhood and they fed the ducks at the park. All the ducks came over to see was a little scary at first because they made a lot of noise. I can't wait till I get to feed the ducks too! I love the ducks at the park. I think that one of my first words is going to be "DUCK".

7 Months


Grace practices standing every opportunity she gets.