High Heels

I heard her coming from down the hallway while I was working on the computer. I grabbed my point and shoot camera and turned it on as quickly as I could to capture this.


Grace has really been singing and dancing a lot lately, so I thought I would show her American Idol tonight. She had not been feeling well (you can hear the cough in the video) but she loved the singing. After sitting on the couch watching her dance and ask us to rewind it about 6 times, I finally got up and got the camera.
By the way, that is the shirt that she REFUSES to take off. I have to wash it and put it right back on her.

The Park

These photos were taken while we were walking home from the neighborhood park. Grace was exhausted and was yawning while she was walking. She wanted to walk and refused to ride in the stroller- although I offered it several times. She carried a little white bucket of sand from the playground home with her. She had a bit of a meltdown when we got home and I wouldn't let her bring it into the house. We settled on the back patio.

Toddler Bed

It might be a bit early, so it appears I may be going back in a crib! Here are photos of my new toddler bed. I change my baby dolls diapers on my new big girl bed. Isn't that sweet??

My Favorite Christmas Toy!

My Grandpa who lives in Indiana sent me this rocking horse for Christmas. It came to the door in the biggest box I have ever seen! The rocking horse used to be my mom's when she was a little girl. They don't make toys like this anymore!! It was hands-down my favorite Christmas present this year. I ride my horse every single day. It has not moved from the living room since Christmas morning. Here is a video of my very first horse ride!

Thank You Grandpa!
Love, Grace.

Grace Meets Mr. Bubble

My mom was dropping off a prescription at the store (from the "California" cold) and while we were waiting for it to be filled she bought several items she didn't really need. One of those items was Mr. Bubble- which made some great new photos for my first official bubble bath.


I wish my BFF Ryen lived closer to me. We have lots of fun when we are together- especially jumping on beds. We both got webcams for Christmas so now we can talk all the time! Can't wait to see you again Ryen!