My Toes!

My Grandma Carolyn bought me these fancy shoes (she is known for her colorful socks and shoes!). My mom put them on me for the first time today while she was changing my diaper. I LOVE THEM! I didn't want to
stop grabbing at my feet.

My New Walker

I have a new toy!! You wouldn't believe how much I have improved in just a few days! Only a bit more practice and I will be FLYING around this house. I am so happy we have tile EVERYWHERE!!

California Winery

Here are some pictures from my Labor Day
trip to California. My mom and dad took me
to my very first winery.

Here is a picture of my mom and me at the winery.I had to have a bottle that day because my mom wanted to taste the wine. Its ok with me...I like bottles.I don't have to work very hard for my milk.

Here is a picture of my dad at the winery.
He doesn't like to work very hard for his
"milk" either!