Using My "Fork"

This video is not the best example of how I use my fork (I am MUCH better at it with different foods) but this clip does show how I am trying to say words and "talk" back to mommy and daddy.

Party Girl

Here are some pictues of me on my way to Cooper's Birthday Party!

Snow in Phoenix!

It's true! I got to play in snow for the first time. My Grandma said that they had snow out by her house in Queen Creek! They opened a new shopping center and they brought in 20 tons of snow for kids to play on. It was in the middle of the parking lot~ so it didn't last long. It was a VERY hot day but my mom and dad took me to meet my Grandma at the snow pile.

Working & Reading

I run up to the computer when no one is looking and I go straight for the mouse! I know that's how you work the computer. Then, I grab my books and go in my tent to read. My mom follows me everywhere with the camera.

Look What I Can Do!

There are two videos. The second video got interrupted- but it's funny because you can see how I know exactly whats going on and I don't want to be left out of anything!

Such a Girly Girl

I am such a "girly" girl with my purse and my baby doll.


I know we have lived here for two years, but we just discovered that our lime tree actually HAS limes on it! It's full of limes ~ hundreds of them! My mom and dad let me pick the limes off the tree and hold them. I tried to hold all of them at once. They kept holding the limes to their noses and saying they smelled good so I had to try it too. You can see me "smelling" in the video! I "smell" things very loudly!