My Future Looks Bright!

My dad is getting ready to take me on a walk and he thought it was a good time to try out my new shades! They are made just for kids and I will get plenty of use out of them in the Arizona sunshine.

Frozen Treat

My two front teeth on the top are coming in! They have just broken the surface. I was being a little cranky so Mom let me loose on the patio with a frozen popsicle. It was a beautiful evening outside and my dad was on the BBQ cooking dinner. After my popsicle, they wheeled my highchair outside and we all ate dinner together on the patio. Yeah, my highchair has wheels! It's the best invention ever.


This is the aftermath of a Mac-N-Cheese lunch. The picture says it all.

Big Girl Chair

I am still using my bouncy seat that my Grammy bought for me! I am too big for the straps - they don't even fit around my belly! This chair is perfect for watching Sesame Street! Since I am not strapped in- the best part is I can get up and go whenever I want! I like my Independence.

An Early Present!

Today a big box was delivered to our door! My mom and dad opened it up and there were a lot of pieces. They worked and worked (I helped) and all the pieces became a bicycle! I was so excited I actually screamed out loud. It even has a bell on on the handlebars! Mom and Dad said that is was supposed to be for my birthday, but it was OK that I got it a little early.

The Fountain Has Rocks!

Today I discovered that the water fountain has rocks in the bottom. My grandma was watching me play and I tried really hard to get the rocks out of the bottom. My mom took pictures of me - finally I got one! I also like to throw the rocks back in the fountain and make the water Splash!