Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

This is me looking for Elmo on my shirt. I do it everytime my mom puts this shirt on me.

New Noises!

This is not a very good video- but if you watch and listen closely it shows all of my new talents and obsessions. I have learned to make two new noises. I can make a clicking noise with my tongue and I can also make a motor noise. I have been obsessed lately with making the motor noise. I just learned how to make the clicking noise 2 days ago. Also, one of my new favorite things is to carry a toy ring around with me at all times. I do everything with it. I can crawl with it, stand with it, and sometimes eat with it in my hand. Sometimes I have one in each hand and crawl around. Also, in case you can't make it out in the video my pacifier says "Mute Button". My mom and dad seem to think its real funny...I don't get it.


My Library

This is my Library where I keep all my books. I am really good at taking them all out one by one. It keeps me busy for at least 10 minutes. After I finish, my Mom or Dad puts them all back in the basket. The process repeats.