Airplane Ride Home

I got to sit in my car seat on the airplane ride home. I was PRETTY good on the ride home, but I didn't get any compliments from the passengers. I did throw my sippy cup on the sleeping man sitting behind me, maybe that is why...


I have learned how to give kisses!

Cirque De Soleil

I got to go see the Cirque De Soleil in San Jose with my Aunt Amy and my Grandma. It was my Grandma's Birthday and we surprised her at breakfast with tickets to the show for that night! It was a great- I loved all the colors and movement. I stayed awake for almost the entire show. We took these pictures in the park across from the circus tents before the show.

Thai Food

We ate lunch in Berkly at a Thai food restaurant. My mom loves Thai food. She said it was too spicy for me, so I had to eat the yogurt that she brought along. Can you see the yogurt all over my face? I am not used to eating out in public.

Out to Lunch

My mom and dad took me out to lunch today. It was a beautiful day today so
we ate lunch outside.

Looks Who's Walking!

I started walking yesterday! I took three steps on Friday, and then yesterday I took 4 steps. Look how may steps I can take now!
I am not in a very good mood in this video because it is nap time. My mom tried to get me to take a nap- she even let me hold Baxter, but I just wanted to play.