New Activity Time!

I hate tummy time. I hate it.
Today my mom used the Boppy pillow to prop me up and
for the first time ever I actually seemed to enjoy a little tummy
time. Just a little bit though- its still not my favorite.
Of course, she documented the entire event.

I Found My Thumb!

This weekend I found my thumb!
I used to like to put my whole fist in my mouth.
Over the weekend I learned how to separate my
thumb from the rest of my fingers. I do it all the time
now... in the carseat, in my crib, in my swing, anytime my
pacifier falls out!


3 Months Old Today!


My mom and dad took me to my first birthday party yesterday.
Everyone got to eat cake - except me. All I got was this bottle.

Hello World!

Wanna hear something funny? This is the outfit my mom bought for me to wear home from the hospital! It fits me now...and I am almost 3 MONTHS OLD!!! My mom said she is new at this and she didn't know just how little I would be. I looked a little silly in this on my debut from the hospital- but it was the only thing my mom packed in her suitcase for me, so I had to wear it.

Self Portraits

I had just about enough of this "Self Portrait Session".
I can't be happy all the time. I was tired, and mom couldn't
seem to get the pictue she wanted. Enough is Enough.

Talking In My Crib

I had a busy day today. It’s been long time since we have had "family swim time", but today my dad convinced my mom to let me go swimming with us. My mom likes for me to go swimming, but she says it a lot of work getting me ready and then giving me a bath afterwards. I don't know how my dad did it, but today he got me a swim pass!
After my afternoon swim and my bath (along with my second outfit change of the day) I took a nap. This is video of me after I woke up. I am very talkative and happy after my naps. I hope my mom takes me on a walk tonight when it cools off.
If she does, it might be my perfect day!

My First Airplane Ride

I was a perfect baby on my first airplane ride. My mom and dad were very nervous about me crying on the plane. I didn't make a sound! I even got compliments from other passengers! I did so good because I want them to keep taking me on flights so I can visit my Grandmas and Grandpas!

Grace "Talking"

This is great video of me "talking". However, my mom needs to learn how to hold the video camera steady. She needs to work on that...