My New Bumbo!

We have had lots of talk about my new Bumbo seat! Everyone says that I look really happy in it. No ones seems to have heard of this new baby invention so we are posting a link to tell you all about it...
I guess they didn't have these when my mom and dad were babies.

Monday, July 23 2007

Today I got all of my shots and immunizations. So far I don't feel cranky, but I think I am just going to hang out in my crib and take a nap. Maybe later I will have a long bath and some warm milk.

The official weigh in was at 11 lbs and 12 oz. Chubby.

Sunday July 22, 2007

Today was my first day riding in my stoller. My mom took me on a long walk and the whole time I didn't cry or need a pacifier. All I wanted to do was look at everything. Its so exciting to sit up and go for walks. I hope she takes me everyday!

Double Chin

Sometimes my Mom and Dad worry about me not eating enough. They shouldn't. Did you see my chin? If you think thats cute, you gotta see my legs!!

My Favorite Sling

My mom did this magic trick with my sling tonight and I got to ride backwards! I am now a Big Girl and I don't have to sleep every time I want in the sling. I was so excited to see everything but we were having trouble keeping the pacifier off the floor. I don't know where my mom got this cool leash for it, but I love it!